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Name: Faro Gender: Male Age: ??? Type: Dark/Flying Likes: Fighting Dislikes: ??? Faro is used to steal a lot. He would get caught and break out. Until he stopped for awhile then he went into hiding. He doesn’t really come out of his home and he mostly moves at night. He is the father of Feoro and Berry. Posted by …

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Oh Snap! Pokemon!


Don’t go into dem tall grass now. Posted by jzhouphotography on 2010-08-17 05:54:29 Tagged: , pokemon , zorua , blackwhiteversion

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If you’re going to put this on Tumblr, or any other blogging site, please give credit. Click "Set a click-through link" Then put "paulcossaboon.tumblr.com" in the "Clicking this photo links to the URL:" box. Thank you. Posted by Paul Cossaboon on 2011-06-13 02:30:58 Tagged: , pokemon , pokemon card , card , pichu

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Pokemon Scramble legends


#PocketMonsters has reported that several codes for Melee! Pokémon Scramble were recently revealed by several sources. These sources include the official Japanese Pokémon site, Pokémon Daisuki Club, Japanese Pokémon Center stores, Pokémon Sunday, the World Hobby Fair and several Japanese magazines. These Pokémon have special moves they can use in the WiiWare game. Posted by ekangieser on 2009-07-03 20:25:10 Tagged: …

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pokemon wallpaper


OK so the other day i went to the pokemon website and i found this wallpaper and i thought if little kids(or anyone like my freind ian) (he has an account) well anyway peaple who like pokemon can see this atuily anyone can Posted by parrishsarah96 on 2008-10-11 22:34:24 Tagged: , pokemon

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tablescrap- Mightyena


i was trying to make a minifigure sized version of the same Pokemon, for reasons i can no longer remember, i have been going through a slight Pokemon phase ever since i started high school, and this guy was always my favorite Pokemon, so i thought, what the heck… Posted by Zåch on 2010-10-30 05:28:52 Tagged: , Pokemon , mightyena …

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LEGO® Pokemon: Yveltal vs. Delphox


Another little side-project I was working on this year. I have to say, Yveltal may in fact be my favourite legendary. Well, next to Lugia… Now if you’ll excuse me, I just got Y, so now I have to go… catch ’em all… *Yveltal, Delphox, Pokemon® and all related names, images, etc. are property of Nintendo Co., Ltd. All rights …

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TQ Challenge 4: Passion


Luka’s allowance goes straight into his Pokémon collection. He spends hours taking pictures of his Pokémon and uploading the photos to flickr. In a corner of his room he has made himself a simple setup for macro photography. Luka wants to become a professional toy photographer when he grows up. Ahaha… much like his owner..! 😛 Posted by birdie’s stuff …

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hai I love Pokemon. And um so this is gonna be the last of my 365 because my dad refuses to buy me Flickr pro for a while so today shall be the last day because it won’t let me go over 200 anyway without pro. Soooo yeah. xx. credit my flickr pwease. c: Posted by † meowtaylor † on …

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Oddish Plushie


I finished my 1st Oddish pluhsie today. I’m going to make bigger ones now!:) Posted by a_birds_eye_video on 2011-02-05 23:04:02 Tagged: , Oddish , pokemon , plushie

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