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TESTED SUPER INCUBATORS! Pokemon Go Equinox Event! PoGo Philly United!

POKEMON GO’S EQUINOX DOUBLE STARDUST EVENT! PUT SUPER INCUBATORS TO THE TEST! Here’s the link to a graphic I made to show the Super Incubator hatch times:

Inside Super Incubator:
10k = 6.7k
5k = 3.3k
2k = 1.3k

PoGo Philly United Event for this Sunday:

PoGo Philly United:

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  1. good luck for the event !! and it concides with the equinox event so that makes it even more special 💝🎗😎

  2. pkmn master holly! I think you should makr a game show out of the egg hatchn game. Have like 3 trainers come on. You previously record all your egg hatches and then have them hear it and try to figure it out there should be prizes and fun stuff like that. You're the reason why now I pay attention to all the sounds each Pokemon make cuz I play this game now with my friends and I think it's an awesome game

  3. Glad to see your channel other than the usual. No offense to them that's been there since the beginning, but yours is refreshing, is all. Keep up the great vids!

  4. Hi Holly.
    The pogo shirts…. Where du you get those?

  5. I like the event.. but I was hoping for raid passes in the special boxes

  6. Philly is a bit to far from where i live to come to . but love watching your videos

  7. What is the difference between poke assistant and iv go calculator?

    Also which is more accurate?

  8. Hi Holly! I just moved to Philadelphia with my girlfriend. I'm looking for a group to play pogo with. Would like to meet up sometime! Where do you guys usually go?

  9. You were so mean to reversal to use him like that. Never watching a video of yours again.

  10. How much eggs can be hatched from one super incubator?

  11. the calculation of pokemon go hub is totally stupid and wrong. the cheapest box is actually your best deal if it comes down to incubators

  12. How many uses does the super incubator have? I read game code that said 1, which if it is I'm not buying.

  13. Aww I wish I could go to the event. So jealous of your active Poker on community.

  14. I look forward to your challenge but you made a fatal mistake I'm everywhere and everything what you see in me is what you get

  15. Wait what's the event about? Was staring at your awkward knees xD 🙂

  16. If you only want Incubators, the best deal is to buy 3 of the lowest priced boxes.

  17. Great video with the guys 👍

  18. Shout out to the boo boo on her knee 💎

  19. This event sounds better than Go fest lol

  20. Your egg math is way off though, the new incubators should be used for ALL eggs. If you buy box 1 and even if you throw the lures away the incubators cost only 10 coins more. For that small increase you are hatching 33% times faster and thereby getting dust 66% faster. Why go slow?

  21. Yo thats so cool u guys put on lil events. So awesome u r Valor too. R there a lot of Valor players round where u live? If i may ask, wut made u choose to b on team Valor? I chose Valor cuz red is one of my fav colors(purple is #1), n i love Moltres! Hbu

  22. Catan and Pokemon!!! Oh Yeah!!!

  23. during eagles game!!!????? come on 😠

  24. Got me super souped… just hatched 2 chanceys and 3 porygons can't wait for that Philly Event !!! Great video again ur skills are getting up there..

  25. Who forgot about the second account u can level on if u sign out of ur main account? If u did like my comment and check it out u can use google and pokemon trainer club so u actually have to accounts

  26. Wait, do you meant The Equinox Event because the Solstice Event was past a while back.

  27. New drinking game…take a shot every time she says solstice

  28. So envious of your community. It's so active!

  29. Your videos are the best!!! I hatched a mareep from my first 2km egg :). Wish good luck with hatching eggs to Phily from Czech Republic 🙂 Another like for you… 🙂

  30. Keep up the great videos, Holly! It was fun to jump in to chat at the end of one of your live streams.

  31. Oh man, this event is perfect. I need that Larvitar candy! I hatched a perfect larvitar a while back and I just need the candy to evolve and power it up! Easily my best hatch ever.

  32. Im your biggest fan and im coming to the event

  33. How did you get that hat for your avatar? It's not in the style section.

  34. I told you I'd be here Holly XD Awesome video, loved it. I wish I could join you guys for your Philadelphia Events. I'm super excited for you guys. Good luck 👍


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