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The Biology of Pokemon: Bulbasaur

Reproduction: Bulbasaur reproduces very similar to some plants, through the process of pollination. Bulbasaur are able to contract the muscles in their back in order to fire seeds or powders out of their bulb. A male Bulbasaur by the age of 13 (lvl 13) is able to fire out a special kind of powder, known as “reproduction powder”. If this powder is able to find its way into a female Bulbasaur’s bulb then the female Bulbasaur is essentially “impregnated”. As the powder fertilizes the seeds on her back. A developing baby Bulbasaur begins to form in her “womb” and within 3 weeks she gives birth to the baby. She then places the fertilized seed on the baby’s back. This seed recognizes the similar genetics of the baby and begins to sprout small vines (similar to that of a leech seed) which “burrow” their way into the baby’s back. In this early stage the bulb is dependent on the nutrients in the baby Bulbasaur’s body. The seed undergoes rapid growth, and resembles the bulb we commonly see on a Bulbasaur’s back (this is purely aesthetic, the interior is not yet developed).

Growth: Within a few weeks Bulbasaur reaches its average size of about 0.7m and 6.9Kg (source: Bulbapedia). At this point Bulbasaur can be consider “level (age) 1”. No significant changes are noted.

Nutrition: Bulbasaur may eat either plants or meat. However, it is also considered an autotroph. It may absorb sunlight through the bulb on its back in a process known as photosynthesis (this is performed by special cells called chlorophyll which also happen to cause the green coloration in plants). The process involves the conversion of light energy to usable energy. The bulb never stops performing photosynthesis, and as such, it is continually growing throughout the entire life span.

Natural Moveset: As a bulbasaur grows older it learns new moves;

  • Tackle and Growl: Are the only moves known by a juvenile Bulbasaur, as its bulb (main mean of attack) is not yet developed.
  • Leech Seed: At lvl 7 Bulbasaur is able to reproduce the seeds found on its back. Thus it is able to fire these seeds at opponents, these are commonly referred to as leech seeds. A seed is quickly regenerated upon leaving the bulb. Interestingly enough a leech seed is actually a pseudo-fertilized seed. The bulbasaur is able to “fertilize” its own seeds, simulating growth. Upon contact, the seeds do not recognize its host and thus proceed to attack (drain life force).
  • Vine Whip: At lvl 9 the vines that are wrapped around the base of the bulb have fully developed in length, and have actually become prehensile (able to grab and hold), they may now be used to attack.
  • Poison/Sleep Powder: At lvl 13 Bulbasaur is able to produce various powders (including poison, sleep and reproductive powders). This ability is granted by various secreting glands and the bellowing motion that can be created by the muscles on Bulbasaur’s back.
  • Takedown/Double-Edge: By lvl 15 the bones in Bulbasaur’s body have hardened significantly and it may now use take down without suffering severe harm. (A similar process takes place at lvl 27 when Bulbasaur learns double-edge).
  • Razor Leaf: By lvl 19 leaves begin sprouting underneath the bulb. Bulbasaur may then use it’s vines to grab the leaves and whip them at incredibly high velocities, this is commonly referred to as razor leaf.
  • Sweet Scent: At lvl 21 a sweet scent may be released from the bulb, this smell is caused by the release of pheremones and is commonly used in mating rituals.
  • Growth: At lvl 25 the bulb has absorbed enough energy to cause increased, temporary growth. Energy pours from the bulb into the cells of the body, causing them to “bulge” (explosion and ruptures are prevented due to a plant like cell wall). increasing size and strength. The energy is then released back into the bulb as the cells shrink back to their original size.
  • Worry Seed: At lvl 31 a Bulbasaur may fire a seed that releases a pungent odor which assails the target’s emotions, causing worry and insomnia.
  • Synthesis: At lvl 33 the bulb may quickly absorb vast amounts of sunlight and at an incredibly fast pace may convert it into nutrients in order to heal the body.
  • Seed Bomb: At level 37 the seeds may be coated with a special calcium carbonate secretion produced in the bulb. The secretion coats the seed causing it to harden and is fired up into the air. When the seeds hit the target it inflicts massive damage.

Evolution: After 16 levels the bulb has absorbed enough energy for the Bulbasaur to evolve into an Ivysaur. During evolution the bulb releases a massive amount of energy at an incredible rate (thus the white glow caused from evolution). The bulb almost instantaneously opens into a pink flower bud. However, the energy also has affects on the body, as the energy is released it radiates into the cells of Bulbasaur. It deteriorates the skin pigment, creating a blueish hue as opposed to the green skin. It stimulates various growth hormones, increasing the overall size of a Bulbasaur. It also stimulates the growth of fangs, an improvement in hearing and an improvement in vision.


  • Overgrow: When in trouble the bulb on Bulbasaur’s back begins to take “action”. The bulb rapidly gathers energy from the sun. It also releases thin vines that attack to various living things (trees, plants, etc.). Energy is sucked from the living things and brought back into the body. This energy is able to boost Bulbasaur’s strength in a pinch.
  • Chlorophyll: In sunny weather Bulbasaur’s speed grows, simply from the extra energy received from the sunlight.

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