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The Pokemon Go Conspiracy

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks about the conspiracies behind the latest viral trend of the augmented reality app Pokemon Go. We go over all the facts and sources in the video detailing the effects of the app and its larger implications. We talk about privacy concerns and the debate that is taking place right now with information you should consider before downloading pokemon go. Support and invest in us on so we can expand our operations.


Pokemon GO could be a photo-based intelligence gathering operation. from conspiracy

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  1. wait so how come Apple didnt give the NSA the power to go on iphones last year?

  2. hell man without this. The govt. can literaly do anything

  3. This is fucking CRAZY

  4. I would never fucking would play this shit! Wait how can the American govt. or an even a company sell your information?

  5. "In 1997 in Japan more than 700 children went to the hospital after viewing the popular cartoon series Pokemon. The children experienced convulsions and in at least one case stopped breathing, supposedly because of a scene twenty minutes into the cartoon that triggered "photosensitive epilepsy" with strobing lights. According to one report, "Tokyo doctors…. described the effect of the scene as similar to hypnosis."
    (From the book "MASS CONTROL: ENGINEERING HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS" by Jim Keith who died 50 years young in 1999 – from induced illness?)

  6. Perfect. Someone drank all the tea.

  7. Absolutely Fantastic! Thanks for sharing. You nailed this one.. probably it is worse than we can image, as with all intelligence gathering applications lately.

  8. Pokemon Go has an in game app. So while it's free to download and play, there is a revenue aspect of the game. They make money regardless of whether the buying and selling of information theory is correct. That is why it would increase Nintendo's net worth. As for the statement that they cooperate with law enforcement, this is true about any GPS application that allows the law to see roughly where you were at a given time when a law was broken.

    I feel the research behind your video was incomplete and one sided.

  9. So, in other words, you have traded your personal info for the low low price of a free cartoon game.

  10. Everyone who got into this madness needs to step back look in the mirror and take a big fat reality check. You are not in control of yourselves….you are being controlled and played like the Muppets you are. Wake up. 'It takes people away from the horrible things happening in the world' << let me correct this statement> 'It takes people away from doing whats right, its a distraction so people dont do anything about the horrible things happening in this world….'

  11. Do you have a tumor in your head?

  12. i think your chatting bullshit…

  13. I'm sorry…but so what if my info ends up with the Cia? they wanna track me going to work? coming home to my family? buying groceries? and if the nwo takes over…they gonna hold my normal life against me? cmon….I've walked over 50 miles in recent weeks instead of sitting playing a Playstation. my family walks together and spends time together like never before. this is one conspiracy I can't buy

  14. Just read the app permissions people… this applies to ANY MOBILE APP. Almost ALL FREE apps gather your personal DATA…. its worth more then selling the app itself.

  15. sorry I can't afford to care about this. I live a life of just barely getting by and honestly I don't have anyone to blame but myself. I can see the opportunity and I can see what I have to do. I just chose not to because I am happy with what I have and I don't need anymore.

  16. its bad cause all these zombies are now even more loose, wandering around and creating problems, I hope walking dead was prophetic only about this

  17. Let who ever they want spy on me. WTF they going to do watch me jerk off and play video games all night come on get real people. I do not care if they sell my data there is no secret information on it so why do you fucking care. The world is filled with pedos an they are afraid of being caught with pokemon go.

  18. I noticed something weird in the game. I wasn't too freaked out to download it because honestly i haven't thought we have privacy with any of these electronic devices for years. as long as my phone is something i can physically leave behind and not embedded under the skin yet, i'll use them like we all do…

    There's a Kindercare Daycare center in my area that happens to be a pokestop. i was passing it on the way home from work, and when i went to swipe it on my screen i noticed some finer print under the main title for the pokestop. i took a screenshot, i still have it on my phone. it says "Kindercare Daycare – where the good eats is"

    I laughed a little at first cuz i couldn't believe it, i just pictured Gengar eating kids. I was like "woah pokemon, that's dark"… Then i tried to reason to myself that it must have been a restaurant before it was a kindercare… but then i remembered that i'm a native to the area and it has been a kindercare my whole life, and i know Ingress is not as old as me…and i know daycare centers are not known for the food, soooo?

    while there's probably an explanation, like it got mixed up with the slogan from another pokestop or something? it's still a creepy easter egg for me…

  19. I have a question. If we are capable of making augmented realities now in our civilization, and we were just essentially a few hundred years past being primitive. Is it not possible that a race or civilization that could potentially be 40-50,000 years more advanced than us to create and augment an entire planet of augmented reality? Like the concept of "The Matrix" is not to far off when we ourselves are mimicking this exact behavior in our own state just a few years after the discovery of this type of technology (internet/smart phones/GPS etc)

  20. gov and big biz alway gos beyond the norm to control as much as they can. some one needs to sue them to not be able to share or inform you of who and when your info is shared.

  21. One of my many questions that comes to mind is how old does the phone have to be in order for the government not being able to use the microphone or camera in secret without our knowledge?

  22. yaaaaaaaaaaaay pokemon 😀

  23. I'm always skeptical about popular items, events, media phenomenons, etc. I've already had a hesitant view about this game simply because it was talked about so heavily after the email scandal. Oh, what a convenient distraction…. & after seeing a few informative videos like this about it, I want no part in it. It sounds, as Eric Cartman would say, "Laaaaaame!"

  24. god, no wonder even CRIMINALS use the dark web facepalm

  25. Time is precious, take it or leave it…ill spend time learning things … but still i love to watch people playing this mouhahahahaha!!!!

  26. Im sure this app helps alot of ppl make new friends. It gives ppl comon ground to start a conversation at and conversations has the ability to evolve and change into other areas. Pokemon go is successful at this right now since a shitton of ppl play the game. Its like going to the skatepark with your skateboard, it gives you a conversation starter since you have common ground. And im sure that if spying on us is the goal they already accomplished that ages ago 😉

  27. Jel Mer I have done my research and not by watching videos. My great-grandfather fought for the Germans and I know what they did. You are entitled to believe what you believe just as I am. We as humans all have the ability to think and acquire opinions, so therefore I am not judging people based on someone's opinion. It's called respect. Have a nice day and God bless you.

  28. no gaming company gives a shit about kids obesity or physical activities. its dangerous for kids to be running in the streets looking through a phone.
    mapping all the interior and foot traffic locations make perfect sence for these particular corporations.

    look to the east before the sunrise and you will find the reason.
    planet niburu is here. get prepared to face extreme disasters and Marshall law.
    not a joke. this is as real as it gets. food! water! defence! and Jesus christ! or death.
    hell is very real and if your not God fearing or know the words of the lord than hell is your final destination for all eternity!
    prep, and read the word to be saves from this evil.
    god bless you all

  29. My God. What are THEY up to now. All of America is distracted.

  30. 1:42 1:58 that's some pretty serious fucking tourette's you got going on there, guy.

  31. This is exactly why I don't play Pokemon Go.

  32. Nintendo just went down 18% in the past week because they have nothing to do with pokemon go. Its made by Niantic who already has had a game like pokemon go called Ingress since 2013. All the Pokestops in Pokemon go were already portals in Ingress.Yeah It's a free app but they make the $$$ with in app purchases. So If pokemon go concerns you with privacy issues then throw out your smartphone and stop using email and electronics. I don't play Pokemon go often but Im not worried about it at all.

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