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This is my thoughts behind why people spoof and hack in Pokemon Go and I gotta say, I get it. Also remember I am currently sponsored by Niantic! Speaking of… to fix spoofing in Pokemon Go Niantic is going to have to make rural Pokemon go MUCH better. Shoutout to all my rural Pokemon Go grinders! You guys are beasts! Enjoy today’s video


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  1. Shoutout to quidd for the sponsor! Sign up here fam

  2. We are spoofers.
    We all have one request.
    We all have one reason.
    We all are fighters.
    We are the nation.

  3. That truck was a sprayer for Mosquitoes I have to do that some times

  4. They just need to give playing options in rural areas.

  5. I don't have a pokestop or gym in a 3 mile radius. I play Pokémon go on my ipod and the gps is terrable but I don't care my brother takes me to a place and he lets me use his data and i have so much fun

  6. I found a wild ursang in my house but I couldn't get it due to tracking

  7. I got volt switch on my jolteon

  8. Honestly i live in a suburban area and only have a permit so i spoof. However in my defense im not the type of person to sit on a gym and keep my pokemon in the gym 24/7.

  9. I spoof because I can't go out to play pokemon

  10. I love your videos – but honestly I SO disagree on this one. I am Level 40, and I live really far out in the country here in Denmark with no Pokemons on my nearby. I have to walk 2 km to the nearest stop – so normally I drive to a small rural town and walk around 3-6 or more hours every day…
    It's all about having the time and dedication.
    SO you do not need to spoof, no matter what reason, the only person you really chat is yourself…
    And living as rural as I do, I see a lot of spoofers controlling our few gyms – I am fed up with them. They take you down within minutes after you took the gym – not at all fun.

  11. You know what i love most about spoofers? how they take over 3/4 gyms next to eachother when no one is around in a closed park. Screenshotted the hell out of that place to nail these people down. If you spoof, that's on you and up to niantic to catch you. But when you take over gyms, taking advantage of your ability to get everywhere even when it's closed down, well, ima get you and nail your ass down.

  12. God that was such a boring watch. Whyyy youtube

  13. Dude plz help out us rural players plz

  14. Hi mystic7 you are the best

  15. That moment when there's only 1 PokeStop and no Gyms nearby….

  16. When u find out that Mystic lives super close to you. you be like HUHHHHHHHHH

  17. lol @ "Someone blowup that car". @ Spoofing, played legit in rural for months and every issue you mentioned is 100% true and makes it extremely uneventful. Running around for 2 hours and the best thing you have to show is a 100cp squirtle… Then you spoof for 10 minutes in a city area and you have more fun in those 10 minutes then in the months playing legit. :/ I'd rather play legit but I couldn't stand the aggravation anymore.

  18. 3 pokestops, 2 in walkable distance, 1 that spits out out 7 pokemon a minute, normally 1 rare spawn there a day, 3 gyms, 2 in walkable distance

    I guess it's good!

  19. where i live there is one pokemon spawn an hour and nearest pokestop is easy 5 miles and its by itself and raids are pointless cause noone is ever playing

  20. I live in a small town surrounded by cornfields. There is 2 poke stops and one gym. It sucks. On top of that my phone isn't activated so I can't go anywhere. I don't spoof though. I can only go to one poke stop because my brother lives near it so I use his wifi.

  21. We cant spoof on android becaz android doesnot want us to spoof

  22. I'm in Montenegro, 🇲🇪 and there is nothing! Good thing I'm only here on vacay. Btw servers are nonexistent here. I can't get in!

  23. I love how confused he got when the mosquito sprayer drove by.

  24. Yo you were in the advertisement mind blown lol

  25. I need to walk a mile and a half to even see pokestops out in arizona

  26. they gonna give more pokemon in small towns?? :O

  27. Hey mystic, not sure if you will see this comment or not. In the upper Midwest those trucks drive around every x amount of days spraying a insecticide to kill off mosquitos.

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