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Top 10 Pokemon GO Tips & Tricks + SECRET!

TOP 10 Tips and tricks for Pokemon GO with a special secret of my own. These tips will help you save battery life and increase gameplay quality not to mention increase pokemon catches! SNAPCHAT: the_jan

SNAPCHAT: the_jan


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  3. if you are alagic to water how are you going to bath

  4. Good video but only one thing : you can get life modules by leveling up

  5. what to do if there is no gym in my town



  7. i have drove and hatch a pokemon egg few time   and hatch them it dose works

  8. Your allergic to water? Well what I told you half body is made up of water.

  9. I am Dawson. I want to give you a tip since u just gave me a bunch. If you want to when you sign in and you see the first three Pokemon in the game, if you ignore them you can get a Pikachu. Thanks for all the tips!

  10. can anyone tell me the differences between all the pokeballs plz!

  11. hello guys pokemon go lovers…heres cheat for pokecoin and pokeballs hope u'll enjoy it..
    It helped me hope it will help for u too..coment ur rewiews

  12. Dude you're awesome, love the video

  13. Yoooo !! 1M views !! Congratz

  14. This guy doesn't know very much. I'm retarded and I still am way ahead of this. The modules have all this for free.

  15. My sightings never have had footprints.

  16. turn off backround app refresh that helps my battery

  17. this is jst basics nothing special

  18. 4:50 the smaller the better 😉

  19. I think he took a shower without his medication because he is unaware his video has no content. Everything he is "claiming" to be a hidden trick is literally described in the description of Pokemon Go in the App Store. How a video with literally nothing in it has such much positive feedback is beyond me.

  20. lol i got a golem with 31 cp

  21. mine has no foot prints? pls help..

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