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TRY THIS: POKEMON GO PARTY by PoGo Philly United @ Lemon Hill!

PoGo Philly United is having a party and you’re invited!! Live too far to come party with us? Watch the video, check out all the things we have going on, and try this party in your own town! Pokemon Go hunting, raiding, lures, and AR photos, scavenger hunts, BBQ, BYOB, excellent curveball toss, sudowoodo ring toss, raffle tickets for prizes, Pokken Tournament and Super Smash Bros!


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Shout out to Reversal & Trainer Tips for inspiring this video!
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Nick Orlando’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/SaintNick_PoGo/
Sinn Badd’s YouTube Channel:
Louis’ Adventures Pokemon Go Channel:

Artwork by Alex Figueroa / Figgy Illustrations: https://buttert0ast.deviantart.com/

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  1. Hi Pokemon master holly will you be going to the Philadelphia event on the 28th? would be cool to meet you there

  2. I’ve got some success stories. One day I caught Lugia, Articuno & a100% IV Magikarp all in one day. Another time I brought a plush Mew then after that I caught 2 Entei’s then caught a shiny Magikarp shortly after. Wonder if the plush Mew is my lucky charm?

  3. As a Philly girl they are jimmies not sprinkles

  4. Pablo is probably the nicest Pokémon go player ever

  5. I live in Newton NJ about 1hr from Philly can you be there by the 30th

  6. 1200 Eggs hatched69 Dittos

  7. Meanwhile In my city all people do is sit in their cars attacking gyms before a raid they don't do…..

  8. I'm Mr.Mike from Okinawa Japan caught 35,306 pokemon, and caught 107 Ditto

  9. 1419 eggs hatched
    205 ditto

  10. PokémonPhillyUnited is awesome. Great work guys 👍✌️🙏

  11. 2324 eggs hatched atm 😛 btw love u Holly

  12. me jelly. i want Holly to name one of my pokemon. :p

  13. Such a fun party and a fun day. Thanks for bringing us along. Congratulations on the Eevee prize. Flareon never looked so good.

  14. Trying to setup a party with our group in this county! I'll film it and send it to you!

  15. Avoid Eagles games and I am there wooo!

  16. Your Poképarties look so great.

  17. I got 63 Dittos caught^^
    but only 699 eggs hatched xD

  18. Lobe the whole idea, we got a big group that plays together maybe we should do this to and film it 😁

  19. we got ex passes to test mewtow in Aus

  20. Hi PkmnMasterHolly! Congrats on your 20k subscriber! Awesome channel also 🙂

  21. Btw I just got a 1908 Raikou so I'm fine from when the 1905 ran

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