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Home » Videos » Ultra-Rare 2KM Egg in pokemon go Park Pikachu Outbreak! Hatching rare 100% IV 2km egg

Ultra-Rare 2KM Egg in pokemon go Park Pikachu Outbreak! Hatching rare 100% IV 2km egg

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  1. I got a shiny PICHU from a 2km egg! Check it on my channel

  2. Coords pls bro👍🏼👍🏼

  3. This event is for Japan & Spoofers

  4. I'm just sitting over here level 35 without any Snorlax hatches or catches ;u;/

  5. Was going to give a thumbs up till I saw you're a just another geospoofing hacking piece of crap.

  6. god its so clear hes hacking why is he even trying to hide it?

  7. where in japan is this event going on plz answer

  8. Please .. have you something like a social network where can I message you ? I have a guestion and no asked here

  9. Nice what about the rest of the world??!!

  10. Madoì in Cina ci credo che trovi sonralxa ☹️😑😑😑😑

  11. How to make even more people wanna spoof. I noticed this too. Let's make 0.0001% of the population get 10KM rare hatches from 2KM!

  12. wait all 2k eggs will be 100% IV or how im confused.

  13. Congrats on the 10k sub's buddy😊thats a big one

  14. Ok, this is too much Japan!

  15. First..

    To get triggered by this event.

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