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Upside Down Excellent Throw – Pokemon GO

Pokémon Go Level 40 since November 26, 2016. My last day in Las Vegas.
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  1. Attempting an upside down catch on a legendary: #RichPeople(lvl40)Problems 😂

    That should increase your catch rate. They could use the accelerometer to detect the pitch of the Phone 🙂

    Good stuff dude!

  2. They are so sweet to help you get there. Happy that you got to have a great time. Thank so much for all your tips. It really helped me with my catch now but can't get the excellent like you, not yet. 😉 keep the tips coming, love ya.💜

  3. Nice bro looks like you had a great time but happy to have you back in Nashville for the EX raids gonna need your skillz to catch Mewtwo!

  4. watch my video if u really wanna gotcha mewto..and sub plz

  5. What's the name of the song bro? Great vids love your content

  6. This guy is an legend in Pokemon go he gets like excellent on every curve throw that is some skills right there

  7. Since it's a reversed screen, it's an tnellecxe throw, not an excellent throw.

  8. Bon Jovi and raikou raids. Your living on a prayer

  9. Your upside down throws are better than my right side up throws

  10. 2:352:41 , excellents OMG , I bow down 😂

  11. It does certainly look like you had a wonderful time in Vegas, as you said. I was wondering, if you would have better luck throwing upside down in Australia? 🙄

  12. I'll be in Vegas for a week. I'll be hitting them up. Maybe even get to level 39!

  13. please try raikou with 4 people lvl 40 maybe

  14. what if you get ex pass for Vegas lol…..

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