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What is Pokemon Go Like in San Francisco? *TWO SHINIES CAUGHT!* (Generation 2)

Today we answer the question.. What is Pokemon Go like in San Francisco? SF is known as one of the main Pokemon Go spots in the world AND IT PROVED IT TODAY! We managed to catch 2 SHINY MAGIKARP in today’s Pokemon Go adventure which is INSANE! Please enjoy today’s Pokemon Go episode!

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  1. A nest for Electrode and Voltorb is In Alaktras ive been then

  2. 2 Shiny Margikarp in one day wowzer

  3. Ive been everywhere is San fran NO jjoke

  4. i actually went to the exact spots you went to! but at the very start of January 2016 and i mean like the 10th!

  5. No fair I don't even have a shiny 😭

  6. what happened to trainer tips?

  7. StILL NO SHINYYYYYYYYYYYyyyyyyyyy ;???? :////////

  8. u eating krab and transferring krabbys- why u hate crabs???? ;0

  9. Hey Jake you got a BABY GURL!!!!!! Let me keep her😅

  10. Get you a girl who will watch u vlog and play Pokémon go 😩

  11. Holy crap mystic transfer some Pokémon

  12. What up everybody it ye boi Mystic7 still without a girlfriend!

    Sorry I had to

  13. Where is the Pokémon evolution like u said in last video?

  14. I'm jealous I have no shiny Magikarp

  15. Im so freaking pumped from San Fran in Aug

  16. Mystic has 3 shinies and I still have none…

  17. How did jake get himself a baddie

  18. I still haven't got a shiny and you catch 2 in 1 day omg…

  19. If u want to win a free fidget spinner check out niko soto or Masternikothebosssoto on YouTube no scam at all really free

  20. Two Shiny Magikarps!! You rock!!

  21. who else saw mob of the dead????

  22. was that Jake girl friend

  23. Omg you are the only you tuber who still playing Pokémon go . Thank you so much 😊

  24. can you still catch ditto

  25. And yet I still don't have a shiny Magikarp

  26. who else thinks mystic has aids like if you agree

  27. I'm there all the time, still not one shiny pokemon yet, good job bro.

  28. Jake and his gf just standing there like, Brandon wtf it's a game bro

  29. I caught 90 magikarps at the Pike yesterday and still no shiny!

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