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What Pokemon Go Should Learn From Magikarp Jump

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  1. I want to continue doing this, and create a media company based around gaming news without being a total sell out. Could you, would you please help me achieve my dream, 1 Like, 1 Share, 1 post, telling 1 friend about my videos is 100% free and you fuel my future. I leave my future in your hands, and thank you, Good gaming and God Bless! =)

  2. going leagues that cool that will be better than spoofers or bots

  3. Pokemon Go was a con game, where the devs stole millions of dollars from Nintendo and Google. They've ruined Pokemon Go forever, as a result of their selfish greed and laziness.

  4. Nice use of the magikarp festival music

  5. What Niantic needs to understand is that American's are fucking lazy. (And yes I'm American and I'm lazy)

  6. I have a golden Magikarp

  7. Magikarp jump is better then Pokémon go

  8. Magikarp Jump imo is way better than Pokemon Go. Like you said, Pokemon Go is very incomplete, and I got bored of it quickly as it requires constant attention and doing nothing for long periods of time. Magikarp jump requires some attention, but barely any which holds my attention span.

  9. What Pokémon Go and Magikarp Jump can learn from me: Let me customize my character… and for free!

  10. One thing that I never understood is why are people so upset about having to move around while playing Pokemon go. If that feature was so bad then why did they choose Ingress to make the game after.

  11. Hey dumbass, Pokemon Go HAS updated to stop cheaters by not giving cheaters anything but common pokemon. Pokemon Go takes skill, where Magikarp Jump is just mindless tapping with the occasional decision thrown in. I enjoy both games and yes, neither are perfect, but Pokemon go is about getting up off your couch and going outside to play, which makes it unique from every other game ever made! There is no other game that requires you to get up and walk around outside but Pkmn Go! Plus, Pokemon Go will soon update to include Legendary Pokemon and PVP trainer battles! Which will expand the game by so much! This is why I unsubscribed, because you put no research into your videos! Hell, I could do a better job of Pokemon vids than the trash you put out!

  12. 0:50 that "yooooo" sounds exactly like my notification sound (from Naruto) so I thought it was a notification

  13. Wait… got death threats…..Over an opinion on a dumb game?….do people not have better things to do in there life's? I feel BAD for those little kids who don't have anything better to do other than threaten people's life's over a game. How did you go through all that??

  14. I've got a pond full of Magikarp

  15. I play Pokemon GO from and to work! 😀

  16. people that STILL complain about Go are stupid, hey its not for you fine move on with your life, no cares if you hate it or think only kids play it. as is thats what people say about even the main games, oh you still play pokemon what are you 8?

    even those who dropped out of Go refuse to go back (no pun intended) they refuse and say its the same game but no its not. its a mobile game, mobile games get updated and Go is no exception. Go is a big step up now from what it was when it first released with major updates confirmed to be coming soon


    (I'm sorry.)

  18. Do a review of Magikarp jump

  19. Niantic want people outside but they don't stay true to the slogan "gotta catch em all" that's why I kinda stopped I'll go outside if I have a chance to catch new things in my town all the time rather than just pidgey

  20. I hate Pokémon GO. I just hate it. I don't know why I hate it, I just do. Maybe it's because I live in a town less than two miles long and three miles wide, and the only Pokémon I get are pidgeys and zubats. Ughhhhh I hate this game.
    Magikarp jump is much better.

  21. I haven't gotten Magikarp Jump yet, but just you wait, soon a Karp named Sportaflop will rise up in the ranks and take down all your other Magikarp!

  22. Lost my Lv 20 Magikarp to a voltorb GG

  23. I say Pokémon go is better because it's the perfect balance between being outside and playing video games

  24. And people said magikarp was useless

  25. People play Pokémon GO? HURR I DIDN'T KNOW!

  26. Pokemon Go's Shiny Magikarp is impossible while Magikarp Jump's Shiny Magikarp is somewhat basic. Heck, I even got a shiny as my 2nd Magikarp. However, Pidgeotto took it and IT WASN'T REGISTERED ON THE DEX!!!!!!!

  27. I wish I could try this game out but Google Play isn't working for me at all. Grr.

  28. I agree with some of this but Pokémon go isn't made to be played at home Magikarp jump is made to be played while sitting.

  29. That's very interesting.
    Pokémon Go has been trouble ever since that hit and run incident.

  30. Pokemon GO is good yet incomete game. But I don't quite understand what you're trying to say Proto. Are you saying GO needs an idle function? That wouldn't make it better. Pokemon GO is about actually getting outside to find Pokemon. If anything GO needs a wild battle system and the rest of the gens.

  31. well I can't say pokemon go is better or worse than magikarp jump. mainly because they are 2 completely different games. one is about doing something while idling, just sitting around and playing while you wait. while the other is about actively going out, walking around and exploring your surroundings.

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